Get Involved

You can have a big impact on the accessibility of your community!

The need for accessibility

Accessible communities allow for equal access regardless of your physical or sensory ability to shop at stores, dine at restaurants or go to the movies.

The accessibility of our neighborhoods defines:

  • Who we will pass on the street
  • Who’s included in neighborhood conversations
  • Who we chat with at the local cafe
Equal access to business and shopping, access to services and entertainment must be a civil right for all, people with and without disabilities should have the best possible access to information for their neighborhoods and for new destinations when they travel.

How to get involved

  • First, visit your favorite local shops

    You can get involved today with your mobile phone or computer, start adding accessibility information about your favorite local businesses and shops. Your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, dry cleaner, bank and grocery store are great places to start. Go with fresh eyes and answer the questions with the best possible answer.

    If possible, talk directly to the store owner or manager, tell them about Access Together's crowd-sourcing accessibility mission and ask them the questions directly. Be polite and thank them for taking some time to talk about community accessibility.

  • Organize a local accessibility walk this weekend

    Charge up your phones, get some friends together and hit the streets in your neighborhood. Pick a well travelled street and start answering accessibility questions. Don't forget the coffee! Let us know about your walk and we'll feature you on the site.

  • Get your organization involved

    We want to know about your organization and help you spread the word about your mission and services. Together, we can make your community more accessible for your constituents.

    Sign up your organization today to get listed on Access Together.

  • Use your best judgement

    When answering accessibility questions use your best judgement. All current questions are multiple choice and allow for you to provide a comment. If you are unsure, select the closest possible answer and provide a comment along with your choice.

    We are working on features to confirm, flag and provide discussion on access answers. Until we have those implemented, use your best judgement. You may return and update your answer at anytime.

At home & on the go access

Access Together on your phone

Access Together is available on your web enabled mobile phone without a download, simply open your mobile web browser and navigate to The mobile web site allows you to answer accessibility questions and leave comments about the locations around you.

Our mobile web site is a work in progress and new features are in the pipeline. Sign up on our mailing list, follow us on Twitter to find out the latest.

From your computer and laptop

On the desktop version of the Access Together, you will have access to the community pages and venue specific accessibility information.

The community pages offer a bird's eye view of accessibility in your neighborhood. Filtering, sorting and searching are available to refine the available data. Filtering tools include sorting by location category and by accessibile amenities. The venue page provide detailed information on a location's accessibility along with the option to add a more personalized review.